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Strong beef bouillon
€ 4,9

baked liver dumplings, fried potatoes or semolina dumplings

Ovenlochs gazpacho
€ 6,9

homemade grilled bread, gervais, cress

Old Viennese soup pot
€ 6,9

noodles, vegetable strips, beef

Main courses

Grilled salmon trout
€ 16,4

chard soufflé, cherry tomato ragout, saffron sauce

Ofenlochs spare ribs grilled corn on the cob
€ 20

homemade spiral potato chips, red onion, 3 kinds of dips

Chanterelle goulash
€ 14

herb dumplings, sautéed paprika, cream

Viennese classics

Ovenhole beef goulash, beef cheek, chili peppers, debreziner, onion and bacon dumplings
€ 15
Boiled lean chisel & boiled beef beef pulp, bouillon vegetables, potato rösti, chives sauce, apple horseradish
€ 22,9
Roasted onion roast, fried potatoes, roasted onions, mustard cucumber
€ 23,5

for our little guests

Strong beef bouillon fries
€ 4,9
Sausages, potato chips, ketchup
€ 8,5
Small fried chicken, parsley potatoes, ketchup
€ 9,5


Old Viennese Kaiserschmarren fried in clarified butter, stewed plums, rum raisins
€ 9,4
Ofenloch's chocolate towers with eggnog parfait, fruit mirror , berries
€ 7,5
Duet of baked ice-cream dumplings apricot and chocolate ice cream, apricot ragout , mint
€ 8,5

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